A-readin’ we will go

Sarah got her first library card today!

She was certain she needed to dress “fancy” for such an important occasion.

She wrote her name on the application by herself.

Then, she was finally free to explore.

She found a table with puzzles, which made her even more excited about being at the library. She normally works on 100-piece puzzles, but most of these were “baby puzzles,” as she called them, so she made her own challenge – putting the puzzle together on the table without anything to use as a guide.

Three books caught her eye, but she could only leave with two on the first day. Decisions, decisions!

Before we left, she took her application to the front desk and got to hold her library card. They sent it to the main branch to print her name on it, and she will receive it in the mail in the next week or so. A library card and she gets her own mail?! Even better!

I have a feeling we will be spending quite a bit of time at the library, and that makes me ever-so-happy and makes my blessing-filled heart stretch its capacity even more. This particular library is the library I went to as a kid, and it is so satisfying to see my daughter enjoying it all these years later.

With her final two choices in hand, she was off to the car babbling on about the library and the books and the puzzles and the nice librarian and getting more books and seeing more things and … *SIGH* My sweet Sarah has found the Imagination Mother Ship, and it is calling her home. I have a feeling soon my car will be able to go there on auto-pilot.

Have fun, baby girl. As if your imagination needed any more fuel for its raging fire!


About Rebecca Mixon

If you attend my funeral, please wear red. Make sure my loved ones do not bury me in shoes, and make sure they don't let the undertaker make me look ridiculous. I want beautiful music and lots of storytelling. All that will be great once I'm gone from this Earth. But, while I'm here, give me my flowers while I live. It has come to my attention lately that we don't "give people their flowers" until it's too late for them to enjoy the beauty, the colors, the sentiment. I'm changing that. The people in my life will know how they are appreciated and loved, and they will smell the aroma of their flowers as often as I get the chance to tell them. This blog is about the blessings in my life. Mainly, it's about the people who keep my world spinning on a good axis and help me realize that work, bills and stress mean nothing. Family counts. The rest is just gravy.
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2 Responses to A-readin’ we will go

  1. Leisa says:

    Rebecca, these are the memories! I can’t wait to see Sarah’s library card!

  2. Another great post. Thanks for sharing this. Spending time with my family is something that truly makes me happy in life. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

    Fun Family Activity Ideas

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