Fearlessly forging ahead

I did it.

The new blog has been created at http://thefearlesscook.wordpress.com, and it got 40 hits on its debut day. I can’t believe 40 people read what I wrote, and most of them weren’t referred from the link I posted on Facebook.

What in the world brought that many people to my little corner of the world?!

I have no idea, but it sure makes me want to fearlessly forge ahead with the blog, some of which will be used in the cookbook I’m writing. Or maybe I’ll keep writing the blogs and change the cookbook’s focus to recipes I have created rather than commingling the idea of how to become a Fearless Cook.

Whatever. It doesn’t matter at this moment. All that does matter is that I did it. I really did it!

My long-cherished idea is finally out there in the world. If you haven’t checked out the new blog yet, please do so. You can click here at http://thefearlesscook.wordpress.com or go there directly when you have time. There are three articles posted with the newest one listed first, so if you want to start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom.

Forty hits on the first day. Wow.

No, it doesn’t break any world records or ignite the interest of publishing companies and agents. But the interest and support of family, friends and random strangers sure has a way of adding a little rock star sparkle to this Mama’s quiet life!


About Rebecca Mixon

If you attend my funeral, please wear red. Make sure my loved ones do not bury me in shoes, and make sure they don't let the undertaker make me look ridiculous. I want beautiful music and lots of storytelling. All that will be great once I'm gone from this Earth. But, while I'm here, give me my flowers while I live. It has come to my attention lately that we don't "give people their flowers" until it's too late for them to enjoy the beauty, the colors, the sentiment. I'm changing that. The people in my life will know how they are appreciated and loved, and they will smell the aroma of their flowers as often as I get the chance to tell them. This blog is about the blessings in my life. Mainly, it's about the people who keep my world spinning on a good axis and help me realize that work, bills and stress mean nothing. Family counts. The rest is just gravy.
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